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Bible Reading 


If you would like, you can click on the date and verse to read the online reference.  The online reference is in the New King James Version -- but you can choose whatever version you would like to read by updating the version at the top of the Biblegateway page.






1st Galatians 1   16th Colossians 4
2nd Galatians 2


James 1
3rd Galatians 3   18th James 2
4th Galatians 4   19th James 3
5th Galatians 5   20th James 4
6th Galatians 6   21st James 5
7th Ephesians 1   22nd 1 Peter 1
8th Ephesians 2   23rd 1 Peter 2
9th Ephesians 3   24th 1 Peter 3
10th Ephesians 4   25th 1 Peter 4
11th Ephesians 5   26th 1 Peter 5
12th Ephesians 6   27th 2 Peter 1
13th Colossians 1   28th 2 Peter 2
14th Colossians 2   29th 2 Peter 3
15th Colossians 3   30 & 31 Free days

For the month of October we encourage everyone to read Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, James, and 1st & 2nd Peter.  One chapter per day and you will have two days to catch up.

Here are three things to take away each day:

1. Insight -

  • What did you see or hear from the Lord?

  • This means what jumps out at you, or sticks in your mind from the chapter.  Write it down if it will help you remember

2. Application -

  • How can you apply this to your daily life?

  • Don't overthink this! Ask yourself, "How can I put this insight into action in my life?"

3. Summarize in Prayer -

  • Pray back to the Lord your understanding of what you read.  

  • Pray out loud.  It will give you new confidence in prayer.

  • "Lord, this is what I understand your Word is saying to me."

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to guard your understanding and guide you as you apply what you learn.

"Aim at nothing and you are sure to hit it." Zig Zigler. Letís aim well and discover what the Holy Spirit is showing us.


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